Cross-Platform Victory: Dauntless Audience Gains 5 Million People

The shareware action game Dauntless was released and showed all the advantages of cross-platform. As reported

developers from Phoenix Labs, the game server is overloaded, and the total audience on PS4, Xbox One and PC has exceeded 5 million.

Unforeseen difficulties

A sudden interest in Dauntless has affected her.Health: Many players could not connect to the game servers due to their congestion. Also there are crashes, freezes, endless downloads and stuff like that. Developers in their Twitter report that work to increase the bandwidth of the game is already underway.

Dauntless is developed by people from manywell-known companies, among the developers are former employees of Riot Games, Capcom, Bioware and Blizzard. The project is a simplified to the reality of FTP clone Monster Hunter World, but with its curious mechanics. More details can be found in our review. It is noteworthy that this is the first relatively large project in which the cross-platform is implemented - all players exist in the same ecosystem, regardless of whether they play from the console or PC. In the future, Phoenix Labs are going to add support for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.