Dad, I'm trying: Vivo X50 Pro + climbs in DxOMark rankings and displaces iPhone 12 Pro Max

Vivo X50 Pro + debuted back in June last year, and DxOMark experts evaluated its photo capabilities at the beginning

October. But after that, they introduced a new testing protocol and have now re-tested the Vivo X50 Pro +.

What changed

If in October the smartphone camera received 127 points, now it got 4 more points. As a result, the Vivo X50 Pro + has 131 points: 137 for a photo, 88 for a zoom and 108 for a video.

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Among the pluses are high detail and lownoise level even in low light, accurate white balance and pleasing colors, wide dynamic range, high detail, as well as accurate exposure, well-controlled noise, fast autofocus, effective stabilization and high level of detail in videos.

But there are also disadvantages.These are severe ghosting in scenes with motion, fusion artifacts in the medium zoom range, underexposure and unnatural colors in wide angle mode, intermittent autofocus instability and frame shift when shooting video.

"The phone provides detailedimages with low noise and good color reproduction in most conditions. By flagship standards, the slightly lackluster wide-angle camera is the only real weakness, although the bokeh simulation may require some polishing to match the best of the competition. Video quality is also good, with detailed low-noise 4K output, although color issues are holding it back, ”concluded DxOMark.

As a result, after re-evaluating the Vivo X50 Pro +climbed to fifth place in the DxOMark ranking, displacing the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro +, Mate 40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Huawei P40 Pro remain ahead.

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