Dark matter detector accidentally found traces of dark energy

In 2020, physicists reported that an experimental dark matter detector XENON1T picked up a strange signal. Authors

new work stated that instead of dark matter, he was able to fix dark energy.

Dark energy is in cosmology a hypothetical form of energy that has negative pressure and evenly fills the entire space of the Universe.

There is also dark matter, which is notinteracts with light and its almost only manifestation is the gravitational effect on stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters. But it can happen that a particle of dark matter collides with a particle of an ordinary mother. So it can be detected with the right equipment.

XENON1T is one of the versions of such a specialequipment. It is a large reservoir filled with liquid xenon stored deep underground. The idea was that if a dark matter particle swept through the reservoir, it would excite the xenon atoms. After that, there will be a flash of light and free electrons, which can be detected by a set of sensors.

The detector recorded 52 unusual events at once. Scientists agreed that this activity was caused by a hypothetical elementary particle - the solar axion.

The authors of the new work refuted this theory andstated that too many solar axions would be needed to receive such a signal. Instead, they assume the detector has found dark energy. It turns out that with the help of the detector I wanted to find dark matter, but they detected dark energy.

The authors note that this information is not fully confirmed, so they continue to study similar events.

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