Dark theme on iOS 13: how will it look?

For several years, I have watched as active users of iOS devices are aggressively asking the company

Apple add a dark theme on iOS. Why so much time to torment their customers, no one understands, because in its implementation there is nothing difficult, and all competitors have long been presented with a similar feature. All those interested in it think exactly this way, but there are some pitfalls in this issue too. Still, I want to believe that in iOS 13 a dark theme will finally appear. And so, how could she look like ...

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Dark mode on iOS 13

The dark theme will be primarily relevant tothose who used to read a lot on the phone in the deep evenings and nights. Also all those who do not like the bright white light of the screen are interested in it. In some applications, the dark mode is already implemented (but this is a bit wrong), but in the iOS mobile platform we have yet to see it. Please note that we are not talking now about the function of intelligent color change, but about a specialized night mode, which will be designed from scratch to read at night.

Why so long, you ask. Indeed, the concept of the dark regime is nothing complicated. It is possible that the reason for OLED-displays that exist on the market for several years, but only now are becoming the norm for the mobile market, including for devices of the budget segment. And indeed, to get all the benefits of a dark theme is possible only with the help of an OLED display, leaving individual pixels unlighted. On the LCD screen, the pixels are lit, even if they display a solid black color.

Apple, like Google, nowThere is a line with devices with OLED displays. It is likely that now the manufacturer will definitely spend time developing a black theme, and the Dark Mode feature will be presented on iOS 13 and Android Q, respectively.

The network has several renders fromPhoneArena, which show one of the possible implementations of the black theme on iOS 13 on the iPhone XI (aka iPhone 11). This is not just the inversion of white colors, but also the suppression and limitation of other shades to the maximum extent possible.

I must say that according to a survey of about 90percent of users are interested in implementing Dark Mode on iOS 13. And this is understandable, given how often we use our phone before falling asleep or immediately after waking up. In MacOS Mojave, the dark theme is already implemented, the next step is to do it on iOS 13. And we can debut a new feature with the iPhone XI in September, but we will know about it at least in June, when the first beta of iOS 13 will be presented at WWDC 2019 .