Data on Russian tourists will be combined into a digital profile

According to the executive director of the Big Data Association Alexei Neiman, the actions of tourists want

Combine anonymized data from telecom companies, banks, fiscal data operators, carriers, tour operators, social networks and review sites to determine their needs.

The digital profile will receive data on:

  • country and region of residence,
  • floor,
  • age,
  • income and other socio-demographic characteristics,
  • expenses and goods purchased during the trip,
  • sights visited,
  • Cafe,
  • hotels and other infrastructure facilities,
  • interests and reviews.

The Association will not collect data about a specific person, but will depersonalize and group them, compiling information on tourist flows with similar characteristics.

In particular, the system will be able to identify points of attraction for tourists with similar interests, where it would be worth creating the appropriate infrastructure (fitness clubs, bars, etc.).

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