Day One Patch: iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Get iOS 16 Special Edition

Tomorrow, September 16, the global release of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will take place, which have been in pre-order since September 9. AT

ahead of this event, Apple released the firstupdate for a completely new software - iOS 16.0.1. Do not rush to check your devices - the patch is aimed only at representatives of the iPhone 14 series. The changelog includes a fix for problems associated with the “first run”: errors when activating or transferring data to new iPhones, problems with authentication in corporate services. We also fixed the problem with “faded” photos on the iPhone 14 Pro Max when scaling in landscape orientation. This week, Apple also began beta testing iOS 16.1, which will later be on all iPhones. Well, the iPhone 14 will start its way to the top in a few hours.

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