Daydream project closes, Google leaves virtual reality

A few years ago, at the dawn of the development of virtual reality, many users did not understand

what it really is, VR technology.People mainly learned about this from science fiction films, where the technology is shown in a form in which it will not exist in our reality for several decades. And not because there is not enough computing power or the technology has not matured, the matter is completely different, or rather, not on the other side.

Beyond the horizon of virtual reality

Today, the market has a fairly large assortmentdevices working with VR technologies, there are games, some informative applications, of course, adult content, a lot of headsets, helmets, accessories. Everything seems to be fine, but something is wrong, there is no understanding of what to do with this, except how to play a couple of games, and look at museum exhibits. There is no global application of this technology; virtual reality cannot spread like smartphones, because it has no practical meaning. You can not say about augmented reality technology. There are simply huge boards of application points and methods of application, it is this technology that is likely to be intensely developed by Google.

Back to reality

Google stopped selling DayDream View, andthose who managed to buy this headset, it will not work with the latest flagship Pixel smartphones, they have not been brought such support. The company said that support for all previously purchased devices and existing users will be carried out as before, while the Daydream store will even work, but that's all. There will be no new hardware (and development), as well as new software. The statement stated that there were hopes that the project and technology would gain more recognition and interest from users, as well as from application and content developers. Instead, a decrease in interest and a decrease in the time of use and the number of users are constantly recorded. The headset turned out to be interesting only for the wow effect, then less and less people want to use it. It all started simultaneously with the release of the first “Pixel”, then Daydream View came out, which worked with a smartphone. Pixel is already in its fourth generation, and the headset, alas, will soon disappear completely

Despite the fact that the system turned out muchcheaper than traditional VR devices, it has a number of disadvantages. The smartphone in the headset needed to be aligned for a long time so that it would fit perfectly, it was a long time and annoyed many users. Then, when the smartphone is in the headset, it cannot be used, if someone calls, you will have to exit VR, pull out the smartphone, answer or reset, and then align it in the headset for about ten minutes. In addition, in this mode, the smartphone was discharged literally before our eyes. Be that as it may, the platform was unable to win the hearts of users, and is now subject to freezing.

The company pinned hopes on what would bringDaydream to more powerful standalone headsets, so as not to use a smartphone for this. However, only one headset was released, the release of which was also discontinued. From more or less working projects of Oculus Go, applications and games are still written for it. The initial version is $ 200. Google will invest all the released funds in a more practical technology of augmented reality, in which the company already has significant advances.

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