Dead Cells now "breaks obstacles" - the game has an update with accessibility settings

In May, developers Dead Cells introduced a new update that should make the game more friendly for

people with disabilities. The patch passed all the tests, got the name Breaking Barriers and is now available in the main version Dead Cells.

The key options are:


  • Double jump button delay
  • Constant rolling by pressing the button
  • Shield button toggles shield delay
  • More settings to customize controls, especially for actions that require you to hold down a button or press a heavy button combination.

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visual range

  • Adjusting Interface Sizes and Transparency
  • Several types of fonts
  • Multiple font colors
  • Changing font sizes for item names, descriptions and dialogs
  • Customizing the Display of Characteristics
  • Circle some objects, including the main character, enemies and skills. The stroke color can be changed.
  • Turning off the blood
  • Particle Reduction
  • Toggle Critical Hit Recoil
  • Setting the size of the exclamation mark that warns of an attack

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Help mode

  • Extra life. If the main character dies, he is respawned at the beginning of the biome
  • Automatic strikes on nearby enemies with the main weapon
  • Setting damage from enemies and traps, the number of lives of enemies and facilitating parrying.
  • A slider was also planned to adjust the speed of the game, but it broke everything, so it was decided to abandon it.

As the developers write, during testingSince the patch, some of the community has been fine with the normal accessibility settings, but has been negative about the help mode, as if it makes the game too easy. The authors decided to emphasize: the help mode is not the usual level of difficulty, it is intended primarily for those who would not be able to play the game at all. Dead Cellsif there were no such regime. After all, this is a single-player game, and helping one user will not ruin the experience of the gameplay in others, the creators write.

But some precautions were still taken: those who turned on the help mode will not get into the leaderboard of the daily challenge and will not receive achievements.

Patch Breaking Barriers also brings changes for regular players:

  • “Show kill count” option is now enabled by default
  • Several older weapons have been reworked and are more accurate
  • Most starter items have had their prices reduced significantly.

See the full list of changes here.