DearMob File Manager: Safe, Fast, and Easy

Many mobile device users realize the importance of backing up all data on

iPhones are only used when they are completely lost.In fact, you shouldn’t neglect this function; on the contrary, you should make a new habit for yourself of regularly backing up all the data on your phone. This way you can protect yourself from losing them in case of deletion; you can always restore the necessary files.

Standard backup methods throughiTunes and iCloud have their drawbacks: errors, interruptions in the process or freezes are possible, there is no possibility of selective backup. And many users have long switched to third-party software, which is faster and offers more functional backup options. Lots of positive reviews about the DearMob program.

Indeed, the DearMob file manager can solve most of the problems that iPhone and iPad owners face. Including we are talking about backup.

What are the benefits of DearMob? This tool provides safe, fast and easy backups, as well as data transfer and management. The developers took care to make the backup process for users as comfortable and simplified as possible. Hence the intuitive interface, high speed and useful features.

The greatest interest among users, of course,calls the quick incremental backup function. Users may not back up all data completely. You can only select the necessary files, be it photos, contacts, videos, music, individual applications, etc. In the same way, you can selectively restore only the necessary file types from the backup file. This is very convenient as it saves time.

DearMob file manager also offers youmany other useful options, including selective export of individual data, the ability to convert or encrypt files. The tool will provide the fastest transfer of data from iPhone to iPhone, help to free up space on the iPhone as efficiently as possible, clean your iPhone of garbage and unnecessary files, you can also transfer videos to the iPhone that are not originally supported.

Transferring data to iPhone has always been one ofthe most common problems among iPhone owners. But DearMob solves it in two ways. In addition to conveniently organizing photos and videos in the tape with the ability to transfer them in this form, you also get the opportunity to do it quickly, even if we are talking about fairly heavy files of several gigabytes. For comparison, about 100 photos with a resolution of 4K are easily transmitted in 8 seconds.

All the same principles apply to music,the transfer of which to the iPhone also causes many problems among users. With DearMob, you can easily drag and drop songs to your iPhone, delete unnecessary ones, edit song lists, convert to the desired format, and even create ringtones.

Separately, we note the most advancedfeatures with video. You can quickly add video to your iPhone / iPad for later offline viewing, if necessary, convert 8K video, expand it for full-screen playback, and even compress some videos in order to get extra space on your iPhone.

This is not a complete list of iPhone capabilities.manager, but I think you already understand that DearMob is simply a must-have tool in your repertoire of useful programs. The good news is that you can use DearMob on both Mac and Windows platforms. You probably won't find a better alternative to iTunes on Windows.