Death Stranding is something: Kojima showed the gameplay with battles, stealth and the open world

At gamescom 2019, Hideo Kojima invited the press to the Death Stranding trailer private show. Developer

called the presentation a “briefing,” which explained what gamers had to do. Now the trailer has published the official YouTube channel Kojima Productions.

What showed

Judging by the trailer, United States of Americaturned into the United Cities of America, which split after the disappearance of the president. Now, with the help of the players, this must again unite the remnants of humanity. The hero was assigned to visit 15 cities and connect them to the network using keys.

Together with the trailer for the Tokyo Game Show 2019showed 49 minutes of gameplay. Judging by the Kojima commentary, Death Stranding is a traveler simulator. The main character begins his journey from the base, where he collects the necessary cargo and goes with him to the outpost. Having delivered the parcel, the hero opens up new regions on the global map. The hero can travel both on his own and on transport, including cars and motorcycles.

On the way Sam will meet and enemyoutposts where you can find equipment and materials. For example, a hero wears an exoskeleton, which increases his strength. In the trailer, with his help, Sam was able to accelerate and jump over a wide fault. The hero can fight both openly and neutralize enemies covertly with the help of strangulation, like Hitman. For face-to-face fights, the character uses fists and futuristic weapons, such as a crossbow, which shoots with connecting projectiles.

In previous trailers, only players were shownopen natural locations, and the abandoned city “lit up” in a new video. Judging by the ruins, an apocalypse walked along the SGA, which severely damaged the country. In cities, there are those very invisible creatures that can only be detected with a tentacle on Sam's back.

As it turned out, the hero can neutralize them withusing a crossbow. The character can also be captured by a certain substance that pulls Sam underground and sends him to the big monster. In the trailer, the hero fought him with grenades.

Recall that Death Stranding will be released on November 8, 2019 on the PlayStation 4.