Debris shot down by a Microsat-R satellite by Indian rockets could threaten the ISS

The Russian systems on April 1, 2019 monitor the movement of more than 100 fragments of the satellite. Companion itself was

shot down at an altitude of 300 km by Indiananti-satellite weapons. Its mass was about 700 km. Indian engineers are confident that all the wreckage of the satellite will burn in the atmosphere. To date, as a result of tests in orbits, up to 400 apparatus fragments have appeared.

The satellite was destroyed on March 27 in the interval from 08:42 to 08:45 Moscow time, our funds yesterday spotted 100 fragments larger than 10 cm. Microsat was destroyed at an altitude of about 270 km, and a large number of its fragments went up. They range from 200 to 1,600 km, inclination ranging from 95 to 96.5 °, with the exception of rare emissions. About 60 debris are in orbit with an apogee of 600 km, about 30 to 800 km, and about ten have an apogee of 1,600 km. Perigee, their height is about 250 km.

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The ISS station, which is in orbit with a height of 410 km, can dodge the debris if it is visible, no later than five hours before a potential collision.