Decided to take the Samsung Galaxy A13 to a child? This is how this smartphone pulls games

Channel expert DimaViper Live tested the new inexpensive Samsung Galaxy A13 in several mobile games. Discuss

The host of the YouTube channel DimaViper Live said,how the budget A13 from Samsung shows itself in modern mobile games. This smartphone is equipped with an Exynos 850 processor (in AnTuTu - 101 thousand points). The expert also took a smartphone with 4/64 GB memory.

The first game was Call of duty. There were no problems with it at all, it was comfortable to play.

GTA San Andreas Run on medium (standard) graphics settings. She, too, went on smoothly.

Next, the expert launched UFC. She also walked well.

Managed to play Real Racing 3. She walked not very smoothly, but tolerably. The frame rate was at the same time during the game at about 25 fps.

AT World of Tanks the default graphics are pretty "soapy". But this does not stop her from playing and even winning.

PUBG Mobile goes quite well, though only with a low and low-medium preset.

The next game was Angry Shark. This is a very undemanding toy compared to the rest, so it fits perfectly.

AT Need for Speed playing and winning is also quite comfortable. Subway surfers it only launches vertically and has no problems with it on the A13.

The last project was standoff 2. It did not feel super-smooth, and in general it was a little slow.


In general, games on the A13 are not perfect.It happens that they slow down a little or start up initially with poor graphics. But if you nevertheless purchased this device and want to play on it, then you will still be able to do it. Moreover, due to the large screen, it will be very convenient to play games.