Denuvo wants to protect mobile games from pirates with Mobile Game Protection

Denuvo has already complicated the life of pirates on the PC, and is now preparing to eradicate piracy on mobile platforms.

What is known

According to, Denuvo is preparing Mobile Game Protection, with which the company wants to fight piracy and cheating. The new system should improve the gaming experience of honest gamers and prevent hackers from interfering in gameplay or changing the game itself.

Denuvo has complicated life not only for pirates, but alsogamers. Players did research and found that anti-piracy protection affects game performance by affecting download speeds. The company took into account errors and promises that Mobile Game Protection will not harm gamers. According to the developers, the program will not interfere with the source code and is used without additional operations.

Denuvo Mobile Game Protection offers customizable levels of protection, intelligent detection of vulnerabilities and root rights, anti-interception, virtualization and integrity checking.