Despite sanctions, Huawei is predicting record sales this year.

After the US blacklisted Huawei and imposed corresponding sanctions, many rushed to

“bury” the Chinese company. But now the dispute with America has been settled, and the results of this year may not be so disastrous for the manufacturer.

How much will sell

According to Ming-Chi Kuo's forecasts, sales of Huawei smartphones this year will be record high. The analyst predicts 250, or even 260 million gadgets sold.

True, if Huawei restores tieswith Google Corporation, and the company's smartphones will be supplied with its services. But Ming-Chi Kuo assures that Huawei will return the rights to use Google software by the end of July.

But even if this doesn’t happen, analystpredicts 230 million smartphones sold for the year, which is still the maximum number. Let's remember that last year Huawei managed to sell a little more than 200 million devices, and this year, due to sanctions, it was predicted to sell 50-60 million less.

Despite the bans in the United States, sales in the home market, China, have increased sharply. In addition, the company has restored the previous sales volume of budget models on the international market.

Therefore, perhaps, Huawei’s plans to conquer the smartphone market should not be forgotten, and Samsung should not write off its Chinese competitor.