Destroyed planes at an airfield in Crimea could be the biggest loss of Russian military aviation since World War II

The situation at the air base in the Crimea, which occurred on August 9, continues to create new informational occasions. CNN

states that the destroyed aircraft could be the biggest loss of Russian military aviation since the Second World War.

What is known

CNN writes that at the airfield as a result of a seriesThe explosions destroyed "at least seven military aircraft" Su-24s and Su-30s, according to former Australian Air Force pilot Peter Layton. The specialist noted that two more aircraft were damaged.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukrainein the daily summary of the losses of the Russian army added nine aircraft. After the publication of new satellite images, information appeared about 17 (or 18) aircraft and 6 helicopters. Only Russia can know the exact figures now, but, of course, it will not share such data. By the way, Russian propaganda claims that all aircraft are intact.

What happened at the airfield in the Crimea, also for sureunknown. Russia claims that the series of explosions was caused by the detonation of missiles for aircraft as a result of the negligence of military personnel. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ironically agrees with this version.

Source: CNN

Image: Aerotime Hub

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