Destroyed "Turgenev oak" cloned by Russian scientists

In 2021, a massive hurricane destroyed a 200-year-old tree rumored to have been planted by Turgenev himself.

However, scientists from the All-Russian Research Institute of Forest Genetics managed to clone the destroyed oak, TASS reports with reference to the All-Russian Research Institute. Discuss

The tragedy occurred in 2021, when the strongestA hurricane in the area of ​​the Spasskoye-Lutovinovo Museum-Reserve in the Oryol Region knocked down and destroyed the famous "Turgenev Oak". It was the main relic of the estate of the writer's mother. It is believed that Ivan Turgenev planted it sometime between 1828 and 1838.

Now already in a test tube, in glass, smalloak tree Not one, (them) five, they are in different states. Relatively speaking, we now have "Turgenev's oak" in several copies in vitro. Microclone exists.

Oleg KorchaginActing Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Forest Genetics