Detailed review of the owner of the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the few phones that I really liked and, as they say, stopped by. Primarily

because he is very different from everything that Iever tested. This marks a bold departure from the familiar and exciting, because this is a completely different category of devices - folding smartphones.

Review of Galaxy Z Flip

I've been using Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for over 48 hours now and here are my impressions.

Design is futuristic but disappointing.Obviously, the Galaxy Z Flip really attracts attention. Everyone wants to personally see the new product and touch. Guys are usually intrigued, and the girls immediately fall in love with him. I can’t say that I am surprised. The Galaxy Z Flip is clearly designed as a fashion accessory, and the purple color looks great.

By the way, a funny fact: Did you know that women's jeans often have front pockets that are fake or too small to be practical? When folded, the Galaxy Z Flip becomes supercompact and fits easily into small pockets without bulging out - the main reason women like this form factor.

But while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looksamazing, I can’t say that I think its design is very practical. Firstly, the need to constantly open the Galaxy Z Flip is quickly annoying. This is a two-handed action - unless you can handle pressing your fingernail to this fragile screen every time you open the phone. It might be nice to have a spring-loaded, button-activated mechanism.

So far, the folding mechanism has worked well,but I noticed that the Galaxy Z Flip does not close completely. As a result, dust and a pocket pile are collected between the two halves of the display. The raised plastic frame around the display makes it difficult to clean - another minor annoyance.

The phone is very large and heavy, which makeseveryday use is less comfortable, especially with one hand. The fingerprint scanner looks the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S10e. It is built into the power button mounted on the right side. It works, but it is not reliable and not convenient to use.

Another problem that I noticed is that the vibration motor is weak. I already missed a couple of notifications simply because I didn’t feel the phone vibrate in my pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a 6.7-inch foldingAMOLED screen with a resolution of 2636 by 1080 pixels. In general, it looks great, like all the premium Samsung displays at the moment, but the fold in the middle can be slightly distracting. This is noticeable during the day when there is a lot of ambient light. In the evening, however, the fold becomes less noticeable - to such an extent that I completely do not notice it.

A much more serious problem isthat the Galaxy Z Flip display is not at all durable. There is a layer of ultra-thin glass in the display assembly, but it is covered with a layer of plastic for protection, so your fingers actually touch the plastic. I already see three small dents and one scratch on the display, although I have always been careful.

Another problem I noticed: touch sensitivity could be better. From time to time my clicks were not recorded, although I definitely touched the screen.

It's been only two days since I starteduse the Galaxy Z Flip, but my enthusiasm is already gone. The reason is that behind the bright, folding design is an amazing phone that solves one problem, but creates ten more.

Of course, you can argue that I'm not one of thoseusers for whom the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is created, and this is probably true. But then for whom is the Galaxy Z Flip? And is this really the phone of the future, as Samsung implies, or just a fashionable toy for rich people?