Details about AirPods 2: black color, deep bass, etc.

AirPods 2 must
come out this spring, and now there's information that they canBe Available
In addition, they will have deeper bass, a special
Coating for a snug fit, sensors for health functions, etc.The headphones will cost $199.

According to the "trusted
source", the new AirPods on the outside will not differ in any way from the current model,
but will sound better and contain the following improvements:

  • Sound quality:More impressive bass.
  • Design:Special coating for more
    snug fit.
  • Sensors:Heart rate sensors.
  • Battery size:Like the current model.
  • Battery capacity:Like the current model.
  • Charging case:New coating.
  • Two colors:black and white.
  • Cost:$199 US (current
    cost 159).

will be similar to what Google uses for Pixel smartphones. In future
similar coverage may appear on other Apple devices, including this year's iPhone.

We have heard more than once that the company is working on AirPods 2 generation headphones that will support the Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy standard.

AirPods were released in December 2016, but were available in limited quantities until 2017.
quantity. The headphones surprisingly became a big success and became the most
popular accessory from Apple.

Those who
I bought AirPods right after
their output, now they may notice that the headphones drain faster, because their capacity
batteries fell. For example, instead of 2 hours of conversation, you only get
only 45 minutes.

Recently, the network has information that the new AirPods will be released in the first half of this year and will contain new health features. In addition, they can support the function "Hi, Siri".