Details of the new designer Lego made from sugar cane

Last year, Lego introduced a new type of piece made from polyethylene, made from sugar cane ethanol.

Although the company said that this would be the caseto produce only a small percentage of the total, this was only the first step. Lego recently released a Treehouse set with 185 pieces made from this material.

All for the sake of ecology

All elements of trees, leaves and shrubs inLego sets are now made from plant-based polyethylene, and there are more of them than in any set. And while only six percent of the kit's bricks are made this way (3,036 pieces in total), Lego plans to switch to 100% eco-friendly material by 2030.

The design of the treehouse came fromLego Ideas, where enthusiasts can submit their own ideas. The original design was created by Kevin Fizer, a Frenchman, who was supported by more than 10,000 members of the Lego community.

Treehouse has two versions of the top crown.trees: green summer leaves, yellow and brown autumn leaves. The set is now available for Lego VIP customers to purchase for $199.99, and will be available to everyone else starting August 1st.