Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain will be released on PC as Epic Games Store exclusives

The Epic Games Store continues to stock up on exclusives, but this time the “epics” went further, taking the games to themselves

from PlayStation 4.

What is known

Detroit: Become Human, Beyond:Two Souls and Heavy Rain suddenly decided to move to PC. For a long time, these games were PlayStation exclusives, but Epic Games became friends with Quantic Dream and asked the developers to temporarily release the projects only on the Epic Games Store.

The exact release date was not announced, but Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are expected in 2019. In addition, the games have already acquired pages on the Epic Games Store.

If you're surprised by the transition of exclusivesfrom PlayStation to personal computers, we remind you that in January Quantic Dream left Sony, becoming part of NetEase. The developers threatened to "expand the creative vision" beyond the PlayStation 4, and bringing exclusive games was the first step. In addition, Quantic Dream is developing an engine that will help release games simultaneously for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Epic Games did not stop there and took temporary exclusivity for Control, The Outer Worlds, Afterparty and several other games. See the trailer for a detailed list.