The developers of Hitman 2 showed what they will do to entertain players in 2019

If you've managed to complete Hitman 2, exploring every location and nook and cranny, then you'll soon have a reason to come back again

in Game. IO Interactive has released a roadmap revealing future updates for the bald killer simulator.

What is known

In the spring, Hitman 2 will have a sniper map undercalled Hantu Port, the Santa Fortuna location for multiplayer Ghost Mode, as well as the El Matador pistol, flamingo costume and emotions. Over the course of the year, three more maps, four missions and one more location for the competitive mode will be added to the game. In addition, every week gamers will face challenges, new elusive goals and contracts.

Maps and new missions will only be availableowners of the annual subscription, as well as the “Gold” or “Silver” edition of the game. The developers promised that they will hold a broadcast on April 29, where they will tell more details about future additions.

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