Diablo 4 - the first chapter of the book: Blizzard will divide the game's plot into add-ons with new heroes

Like previous games in the series, Diablo 4 will receive post-release additions, especially for the project developers

the main storyline is “the first chapter of the book” only.

What is known

Game Director Luis Barriga and Art Director JohnMüller spoke with an Ausgamers journalist, talking about the plot of Diablo 4. According to the developers, Lilith will become a central character, but only in the first part of this “big story.” Art director John Muller noted that in the future Diablo 4 will be replenished with new and unknown characters around whom the plot of the add-ons will be built.

“Diablo IV is like the first chapter of a book.We want to tell a big story and hope it will be told for a very long time. Looking at this as the first chapter of the book and Lilith as a key character in the story, it's really nice to know that there are all these other characters that might come back in the future, or new, never-before-seen characters,” the art director said.

Muller added that in Diablo 4 the developers plan to change the established formula:

“In Reaper of Souls, if you go against Diablo,Once you reach the maximum level, it's a battle that feels like a minor nuisance. Malthael was the real boss. So what if we don't get it back right away? And instead, let’s take the time to explore the other characters first.”

It is possible that the new approach to storytelling is relatedwith an updated progression system. The developers said that they plan to introduce a basic leveling system with a finite level, as well as an infinite one. The first will be added to create a sense of completion for players, and the second will be added for users who want to dive deeper into the “endgame” by completing more complex tasks.

Let us remind you that in Diablo 4 the developers at leastand have returned to the darker style of the first games in the series, but plan to introduce modern mechanics. So, Blizzard is planning an open world in which real players will meet. In addition, adventurers will be able to team up to clear dungeons and host public events.

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