Diablo Immortal brought developers $100,000,000 in less than two months after release

Despite the abundance of criticism towards the developers of Diablo Immortal and the game itself, the novelty continues to bring

Blizzard Income.

What is known

In the App Store and Google Play app stores, the game ranks 13th in terms of spending by gamers. In the MMORPG category, the novelty entered the top five and is located on the fourth line.

In terms of making moneyDiablo Immortal is one of the best projects in the history of mobile games. It took the game eight weeks to break the $100,000,000 mark. Only Pokemon GO (2 weeks) managed to bring developers a tenth of a billion faster. The top 5 also included Fire Emblem Heroes (10 weeks), Fortnite (12 weeks) and FFXV: A New Empire (22 weeks).

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Gamers from the USA, South Korea and Japan brought the most income to developers. In China, Diablo Immortal debuted on July 25 and immediately became very popular on all platforms in all categories.

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