DICE will add to the Battlefield 5 map "Mercury", based on the Cretan operation in 1941 (trailer)

In early May, Battlefield 5 lost its duet mode for the Fire Storm, but at the end of the month the game will be replenished

New card for multiplayer.

What is known

Battlefield 5 will receive an update that will addThe first of the two free cards is Mercury. The setting of the new location is based on the Cretan operation in 1941, when the Italian-German armed forces tried to oust Britain from the Mediterranean. Historical features influenced the gameplay of the map, which DICE decided to make symmetrical.

Since German troops captured the island with the help of airborne troops, the aircraft would be at the disposal of the axis. In turn, the British will defend the land with the help of tanks.

Mercury will be released on May 30th along with the release of the third part of the free update of the Course of War.