Did you think it would be cheaper? AliExpress overestimated the dollar to a maximum in recent months

Over the past few days, the dollar has gone from 58.1 rubles per dollar to 55.3 rubles per dollar.

It would seem that it's time to buy on sites such as AliExpress, because now it is more profitable than ever before.

But in reality, everything is quite different. Edited by Ferra.ru found that the mark-up on October 1, 2022 was the highest in the last couple of months. Perhaps even for three months - we do not have enough monitoring data.

So, the marketplace managed to inflate the costdollar in comparison with the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by an impressive 20%! This means that all goods in online stores on AliExpress, offered for sale by sellers from abroad, will be more expensive for Russians.


At the same time, sellers will not even receive excess profits -they will be credited with the same amount of dollars, and the margin on the difference in exchange rates will be mastered by AliExpress Russia and the partner bank responsible for transactions on the platform.

Earlier, we have repeatedly written about how much the dollar exchange rate on AliExpress is far from the reality that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation forms.

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True, a difference of 20% is already a kind ofan anti-record, which, to be honest, no one expected. If you want to monitor the level of AliExpress commission on goods for Russians, use the service at the link.