Digit of the day: How many coronavirus infected in China were cured?

over 70% of coronavirus infected in China cured

Director General of the World Organization

Health Tedros Adhan Ghbreyesustold how many coronavirus infected in China were cured. So, according to his data, of the 80 thousand cases of infection with pneumonia of a new type recorded in the country, more than 70% managed to be cured.

And this, according to the World Organizationhealth care, equivalent to more than 58.6 thousand people. It is noted that in general, in China, the likelihood of death in older people over 80 is 20% higher. In addition, mortality is also higher by 13% in people with cardiovascular diseases, by 9% in people with diabetes, by 8% with respiratory diseases, and also by 7.5% with oncology.

Recall that just a few days ago the number of countries infected with coronavirus increased to 101.