Digit of the day: How many mobile viruses target Android?

99% of mobile malware target Android

Antivirus company ESET compiled a report on

cybersecurity of mobile devices in 2019. Experts told which mobile operating system is most susceptible to attacks and in which countries the most malicious programs are detected.

In a press release, ESET indicated that Android isAn ideal target for cyber attacks due to the growing number of users and the diversity of the ecosystem. At the same time, 90% of devices are not updated to the current version of the operating system. The combination of all factors leads to the fact that 99% of mobile malware is detected on Android devices.

ESET said that in 2019, most Android malware was recorded in Russia (15.2%), Iran (14.7%) and Ukraine (7.5%).

Experts also pointed out that in the Google Play Market Trojans disguised as safe applications began to be detected more and more often.

On iOS, specialists also found vulnerabilities, and in general, the number of detected malware for such devices in 2019 increased by 98% compared to 2018.