Digit of the day: How many Russians agree to ride unmanned vehicles?

77% of Russians agree to ride unmanned vehicles

Specialists of NTI "Autonet" conducted a study,

which showed how many Russians are willing to ride unmanned vehicles. It is noted that in total, about 10.5 thousand Russians aged 18 to 65 took part in the survey.

It turned out that about 77% of Russians are positiverefer to the transition to a self-driving car. Most of the Russians who agree to ride unmanned vehicles live in Kazan, namely 83%. Also, 79% expressed their readiness to switch to unmanned vehicles in Moscow. In addition, it should be noted that it is in the capital that the largest number of unmanned vehicles in Russia is being tested today.

At the same time, 83.3% of Russians aged 25 to 34 were willing to use unmanned taxis, while among residents over 45, 73% expressed their readiness.