Digit of the day: How many Russians use TikTok?

18 million Russians a month use TikTok

Telegram channel “O digital” published TikTok audience statistics

Of Russia. From it it became clear how many Russians use the application for sharing music videos.

Sources cited the indicator of MAU - monthly active audience. He amounted to 18 million people. This is more than double the figures published in May 2019.

Of the TikTok audience, 40% are men and 60% are women. Children and adolescents account for 43% of the total, people aged 18 to 24 years - 33%, and aged 25 to 34 years - 21%.

73% of people log in to TikTok from Android devices, and 27% from iPhone. On average, people spend 45 minutes a day in the app. In a month, Russians make 20 billion views on the platform.

Representatives of TikTok did not confirm or deny the information. They explained this by the fact that the company did not disclose statistics on the audience.