Digit of the day: How much has Electronic Arts earned on paid items in games?

Electronic Arts earned $ 2.83 billion in paid games in 2019

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a video game distributor, Electronic Arts (EA) has published a financial report for 2019. From it it became clear how much money the company earned by selling paid items in games.

In the report, such incomes appear as earnings fromLive Services In fact, this is money received from in-game microtransactions. Such Live Services has become a huge and important part of the company's business model. They brought EA almost 70% of total revenue - $ 2.83 billion. Over the year they grew by 27%.

Most of this earnings came from sales from the Ultimate Team collections in FIFA 20, Madden NFL and NHL 20.

However, selling games as such also remains an important part for EA. The company is now making big bets on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.