Digit of the day: How much money will the US spend on servicing the latest fighters?

US $ 1.9 billion will be spent on servicing the latest fighters

Pentagon representatives at their

The official website reported that this year the main US costs for maintaining the latest F-35 fighter jets will be about $1.9 billion.

At the same time, the main and additional costsThe United States will spend more than $2 billion on maintenance services for F-35 fighters. It is noted that this amount takes into account both the operation of the aircraft and the purchase of additional parts for 28 aircraft.

"Lockheed Martin awarded contractworth $1.926 billion for maintenance and logistics support of F-35 fighters in service with the US Navy, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as foreign customers. All work must be completed by December 2020,” – indicated in the official statement of the Pentagon press service.