Digital yen released to the public

Several banks in Shanghai have begun opening RMB digital wallets for individuals and businesses. Before

of this, e-currency was only available for limited trial periods, as well as for people who won a special state lottery.

Services began to offer Industrial and CommercialBank of China, Construction Bank of China and Bank of Communications, company representatives have already noted that individuals can submit their applications. These banks have opened the service to individuals.

In Shanghai, individuals must provide information about themselves, phone number, information about the mobile operator. The bank will carry out data verification, which usually takes one to two weeks.

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Corporations looking to open up digitalwallet must first open a corporate bank account. However, some banks do not require this, they only need to provide a company ID and a business license.

“Technically speaking, for the discovery of digitalthere is no need to have a bank account at all, since DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) is not associated with traditional bank accounts, ”said Li Lianshuan, chief analyst at OK Group. Banks may have other problems as well, such as risk control, and therefore need to provide an account, he said.

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