DigiTimes: the new iPhone 2020 will receive a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz

Some smartphone manufacturers have started releasing their devices at higher frequencies this year

picture updates. It looks like Apple will join these companies next year.

What is known

According to Taiwanese publication DigiTimes,Citing its source, Apple is going to use a ProMotion screen with a frequency of 120 Hz in the next generation of iPhone. It will still be an OLED panel, unlike the 120Hz IPS screen in the iPad Pro. In comparison, the current iPhone 11s use 60Hz panels.

With an increased image refresh rate,The interface will seem smoother. In addition, 120Hz will allow the screen to better display video at 24fps, 48fps and 60fps. By the way, such a display in smartphones is no longer an innovation. This year the gaming ASUS Rog Phone 2 was released with an AMOLED matrix at 120 Hz.