Dinosaurs lived in the Arctic all year round despite the cold

More recently, scientists have found that dinosaurs could live in cold climates. A new study found that

they bred and raised offspring in the Arctic region.

Nearly ten years of research and developmentin the northern regions of Alaska allowed paleontologists to collect a huge collection of fossilized dinosaur bones. At different times, they lived in the Arctic. All this indicated that the animals lived there, but did not breed. Scientists have not found the bones of baby dinosaurs. Until recently.

Scientists have discovered small bones and teeth of newly hatched dinosaur cubs. By the way, they belonged to different types.

This find refuted the dominant sciencethe theory of the migration of dinosaurs to warmer lands. Different types of dinosaurs that lived in the northern regions of the planet, from miniature to gigantic, were sedentary in the cold and, among other things, multiplied in the north.

According to Professor Gregory Erickson, one of thethe authors of the article, the discovery of researchers is a rarity. The remains of small dinosaurs are rarely found nowadays because they are fragile and small.

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