Disassembly reveals that the Nokia XR20 is really sturdy and reliable as it is described. But there may be problems with repairs.

At the end of last month, HMD Global unveiled its first rugged Nokia-branded smartphone - Nokia

XR20. To see if it is really that secure, the guys from PBKreviews completely disassembled the gadget.

What did you find out

Recall that Nokia XR20 received IP68 water resistance,MIL-STD810H shock protection and the toughest Gorilla glass ever announced - Tempered Glass Victus. Therefore, it is stated that it is not afraid of immersion in water, dust and shock, and the glass covering the display is more resistant to scratches.

And indeed, the disassembly has confirmed the reliabilitysmartphone: rubberized sides for a secure grip, thick enough aluminum frame that does not bend, rubber pads on ports and speakers. And the back cover, although made of plastic, is durable, removable, easily removable and does not crack, as would happen with a glass panel.

At the same time, Nokia XR20 was rated formaintainability - 6.5 points out of 10 possible. The glass over the camera and LED flash is easy enough to remove after heating, and removing the back panel, top cover and removable battery is not difficult at all. But replacing the screen requires skill and care.

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