Disclosed is the date of equipping the Russian army with a “flying tank”

It became known that already this year the Russian special forces will arm the “flying tank”. It's about

helicopter with the index Mi-8AMTSH-VN.

According to sources in the Ministry of Defense, in the fallThis year, the first samples will be tested that can be held at the Combat Training and Retraining Center for Army Aviation in Torzhok. It is known that the new helicopter will not only be able to transport special forces, but will also equip them with weapons. Thus, a helicopter can carry four super-long-range Hermes missiles, as well as eight supersonic Atacks or a maximum of two tons of aerial bombs.

Thanks to the combat load, the novelty will be able toeliminate both land and sea and air objects that are at a distance of up to 20 km. In addition, the helicopter is equipped with new avionics, an optoelectronic system, as well as radars and thermal imagers, which guarantees continuous use in all weather conditions.