Disclosed the most popular orders for delivery from the Russians in the New Year

The press service of Yandex.Food told reporters which dishes the Russians ordered most readily on New Year's

night. As it turned out, the popularity of delivery has increased compared to the previous year.

Among salads, the most popular were olivier and herring under a fur coat, replacing last year's leader - Caesar salad. This year he took only third place.

Also often ordered burgers, fries,nuggets, chicken rolls, pizza, Japanese rolls, khinkali and khachapuri. As for drinks, cola, strawberry smoothie and cappuccino were popular.

In Yandex.Food reports that in the past December 31 and January 1, people made 60% of orders than last year. The average bill has also grown - by more than 20%. It is interesting that the peak of orders fell on December 31, and not on January 1, as before.

In Yandex.Lavka, the most popular orders on the eve of the New Year were tangerines, half-kilogram packages of olivier, herring under a fur coat and mimosa salads, sweet soda.