Disclosed the release dates for Apple MacBook processors "for smartphones"

Current MacBook models run on Intel processors. However, it seems that the company decided to move away from tradition.

Well-known analyst revealed the release dates of laptopsApple on processors "for smartphones" - ARM. At least most users are used to seeing this architecture on mobile platforms.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo,Apple may launch its first ARM-based MacBook next year, more precisely in 12-18 months. It is worth noting that this analyst is rarely mistaken in his forecasts.

The new laptop will be built on its own Apple processor, to which Intel will not be involved.

Apple itself has not yet confirmed the information. But it’s important that many of the company's products already run on ARM processors, including the Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone, and recently the company has only expanded its staff from the department where the chips are developed.

Note that ARM processors for smartphones andtablets - this is only a small part of the products that work on this architecture. Many computer systems are built on it, including in industry.