Discount of the day! Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus: top robot vacuum cleaner at a nice price


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The robot vacuum cleaner industry with each newgeneration offers more and more. But today we slow down a little and look back at one of the top models of last year - Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus. Right now, the manufacturer is offering a good discount on this robot vacuum cleaner. But is it even worth paying attention to it at sunset in 2022?

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Specifications of Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus
Device type Robot vacuum cleaner
Suction power 2700 Pa
Dust container volume 300 ml
Station Dust Collector Capacity 3 l
Ram 250 ml
Battery 5200 mAh
Station power 850 W
Wireless connection Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
height sensor there is
Smartphone applications there is
Vacuum cleaner dimensions 355×355×100mm
Station dimensions 358×300×174mm


    Standard equipment includes:

    • Power cable.
    • A vacuum cleaner.
    • docking station.
    • 1 microfiber cloth for wet cleaning.
    • 10 disposable rags for wet cleaning.
    • 2 HEPA filters (installed + spare).
    • 3 bags for docking station.
    • Documentation.


    A tower is located on the top of the vacuum cleanerA LiDAR sensor with a bumper function (allows the vacuum cleaner not to get stuck under the sofa) and control buttons (cleaning the current position, start / pause, return to the docking station).

    At the end, a movable bumper withrubberized pad (protects not only the vacuum cleaner, but also things in the house), charging contacts, an air duct and a combined container for water and dust. Water is supplied by an electric pump, three modes of wetting intensity are available.

    On the bottom there are a pile side and a combined (pile + silicone) main brush, height sensors to prevent falls and wheels with rubberized treads.

    The Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus docking station not only charges the vacuum cleaner, but also pumps dust out of it, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. The standard bag has a capacity of 3 liters.

    The front panel of the tank has a built-in informationscoreboard. With it, you can find out the current charge, errors (if any), the activity of the ionizer and the time until the end of cleaning the vacuum cleaner. Under the lid of the tank there is a slot for installing a bag and a brush / knife for cleaning the vacuum cleaner brushes.

    Features and Software

    To function properly, the vacuum cleaner needsconnect to a Wi-Fi network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and associate with the application (either Roidmi or MiHome). After pairing, the user will be able to update the firmware, remote control, cleaning schedule, different modes of suction and wetting, building indoor maps, editing maps (installing virtual walls, prohibited areas, wet zones), double and Y-shaped cleaning (!), binding to Alice, etc.

    It so happened that a significant partmodern technology comes out with not the smoothest software operation. Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus went on sale last fall, which means that all the necessary updates have already arrived. And, not least, enthusiasts have already studied all the nuances on the forums, figured out how to install the people's favorite voice package “Leather Bags”, and how to deal with the most common problems.

    Roidmi App

    Fine-tuning the map allows you not to worry aboutdelicate areas, like a dog bowl or an unstable floor vase, while scheduling and automatic cleaning at the station noticeably automate the whole process. The only thing is that wet cleaning still requires regular maintenance.

    Room editing


      Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus offers an excellentspeed and quality of cleaning, an abundance of settings, a modern navigation system, a self-cleaning station with a well-thought-out design and display, Y-shaped wet cleaning and a bunch of reviews from real buyers who managed to evaluate the vacuum cleaner with much more predilection than any reviewer.

      Order on Yandex.Market

      Order on Ozon

      Code RR1000P1
      for an additional discount of 1000 rubles

      During the tests, we were able to note only onea clear advantage of some modern analogues is the presence of a camera for visually determining objects. Such a chamber allows the vacuum cleaner to delicately go around various objects, and not just those that can resist its onslaught. It is recommended to take a closer look at Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus for those who are looking for a flagship quality robot vacuum cleaner, but do not mind saving on a separate technology.

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