Discounts close: the schedule of three major sales on Steam leaked to the Network

Valve keeps the schedule of upcoming sales on Steam a secret, but the Steam Database again told gamers,

when will they be able to buy games at a discount.

When to expect

The next sale will be dedicated to Halloween andwill be held from October 28 to November 1. Often in promotions dedicated to this event, stores lower prices for horror games. By the way, the Halloween sale has already started in the PlayStation Store. The second on the list is the autumn sale, which can take place from November 26 to December 3. The last major action on Steam will begin in the winter of December 19th and will end already on January 2 already in 2020.

Note that in 2019 Steam Database guessed with the summer sale schedule, but without official confirmation from Valve, the information should be regarded as a rumor.

If you have long wanted to play strategy,then Paradox Interactive launched its sale with discounts up to 80%. For example, at a reduced price you can pick up the Shadowrun Complete Collection, Stellaris: Starter Pack.