Discovered the most effective way to recover from coronary heart disease

Compared with traditional methods of rehabilitation and health maintenance in cardiovascular

diseases, Nordic walking, as noted by Canadian scientists, gives the best effect. This is especially true for patients with coronary heart disease. Discuss

Thanks to Nordic walking, people suffering from coronary heart disease are better able to cope with everyday activities. This conclusion of scientists from Canada was published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

Doctors usually prescribe to patients with ischemicheart disease various training options for rehabilitation. These are, for example, high-intensity interval training and continuous training of medium or high intensity. However, some stop exercising after completing a rehabilitation program.

In a new study, researchers comparedseveral training options (Nordic walking, high intensity interval training, continuous medium and high intensity training) and found out which one is the most effective for patients with coronary heart disease. 130 people participated in the experiment, it lasted 14 weeks.

Experts have found that it is most useful forparticipants' health was Nordic walking. This type of training improved the functionality of the body (for example, people began to walk better because of it) of patients by 19 percent (high-intensity training by 13 percent, continuous training by 12 percent). In addition, all rehabilitation options were equally beneficial for the mental health of patients and improved their quality of life.

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