Display problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Internet is in panic again. And this time, owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones who began to experience problems with

display of your device. Complaints come not from one, but from quite a large number of users.

If you carefully study the discussion thread onSamsung website about the Galaxy Note 9, you can see a lot of sad reviews from users who complain about problems with the display. Of course, we are not talking about an audience of thousands and, nevertheless, there are many concerned. And they are all in search of a solution to a mysterious and seriously annoying screen glitch.

Note that each user has a problem withthe display appears differently, but they are all caused by the same malfunction. This bug does not turn the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 into a brick at all, you can still use it, but you will regularly observe screen color changes on the phone. Some users post such photos that it is painful to look at them. And, of course, everyone is waiting for an official correction from Samsung.

The worst part is that the company does not seem to recognizeThe main reason for these display problems is software related, although it seems that they all started to appear after a security update in March 2020.

The update completely ruined the magnificent screenSuper AMOLED on the Galaxy Note 9, making it yellow (or green), reducing its resolution. Plus the phone randomly starts heating up while a strange color change occurs. So far, users have not found a solution to the problem, something that will somehow fix and return the device to normal, so Samsung “product experts” recommend contacting official repair centers to check if the problem is related to the hardware.