Divinity: Fallen Heroes - XCOM with magic, ancient evil and co-op for two

Larian studio has announced a new game based on the Divinity universe called Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

What is known

According to

Rock. Paper.Shotgun, gamers are waiting for a similar XCOM, only with magic instead of guns, and aliens will be replaced by mythical monsters. Players will have to control a team of warriors who will go to different parts of the world to fight evil spirits.

In Divinity:Fallen Heroes will also have a main base set up on a flying ship. There the player will study new technologies, build relationships between fighters and send them on missions. You can lose allies both in battle and on the ship: death during battles of the permanent, and due to disagreements in the team, the character can leave.






The developers also promise that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be playable solo and cooperatively. In addition, characters from Original Sin 2 will appear in the game.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be released in 2019 on “multiple platforms” and is being developed by Logic Artists, responsible for the Expeditions series of games.