Divinity: Fallen Heroes - XCOM with magic, ancient evil and cooperative for two

Studio Larian has announced a new game on the Divinity universe called Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

What is known

According to

Rock Paper. Shotgun, gamers waiting for such an XCOM, only with magic instead of guns, and aliens replaced by mythical monsters. Players will manage a team of warriors, which will be sent to different parts of the world to fight evil spirits.

In Divinity: Fallen Heroes will also be the main base, which is equipped on a flying ship. There, the player will learn new technologies, improve relations between the fighters and send them to the tasks. You can lose allies both in battle and on the ship: death during the battles of the permanent, and because of disagreements in the team, the character can leave.

The developers also promise that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be able to go alone and co-op. In addition, the game will appear characters from Original Sin 2.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be released in 2019 on a "set of platforms", and Logic Artists, responsible for the Expeditions series of games, is involved in the development.