DNA can be extracted from 82% of drugs from their manufacturer

The authors of the new work found out that the DNA of criminals can be extracted from capsules and other prohibited substances,

which they produced.You can find out information about the people who created, collected and distributed drugs by matching the obtained data with the profile of the suspect or with the DNA data already available in the database.

Amy Griffin Ph.D. from the CollegeScience and Technology said the DNA profiles can also be compared to profiles found in other capsules to potentially expose drug cartels that are distributing illicit substances around the world.

This pilot study, the authors note, confirms that laboratory testing, such as pill packaging, can help investigate large shipments of drugs such as MDMA.

The researchers were able to extract DNA from 82% of the capsules. The amount of gene material extracted from the capsules ranged from 0.006 to 3,700 ng, with an average of 0.267 ng.

The authors also note the potential benefit of a database with DNA profiles, it will help identify other members of criminal syndicates.

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