DNF Duel Single Mode Trailer - From the Creators of the Guilty Gear Series

DNF Duel - fighting game offshoot of online action Dungeon Fighter Online. In it, the developers promise dynamic battles

in multiple modes at once. A fresh trailer shows the activities for one player.

Total in DNF Duel four single player modes: Free Fight, Arcade, Survival and Story. In the video, everyone is affected, except for the last one - a separate video is dedicated to it.

Judging by the footage, the options are as follows:

  • “Free battle” is a battle in which the player sets the desired duration of the round and the number of fights to win.
  • “Arcade” - fights with the accumulation of points for combinations, powerful blows, etc.
  • “Survival” - battles to the first death

DNF Duel will offer players a choice of 16 heroes, each of which has unique tricks, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Story mode will immerse gamers in the world Dungeon Fighter and tell the stories of each of the fighters.

Arena fights DNF Duel will begin on June 28 on PC (Steam platform) and PlayStation.

Photo: DNF Duel on Steam