Do not miss! SEGA will delight fans with the announcement of a new AAA game at gamescom 2019

SEGA has already introduced Mega Drive Mini to gamers, but this does not end the list of new products, and the company has saved

announcement for gamescom 2019

What is known

An industry old-timer will come to the exhibition from alreadyannounced projects, so that those present can feel Catherine: Full Body and Two Point Hospital for consoles. In addition, the stand will put SEGA Mega Drive Mini. Along with this, SEGA prepared the announcement of a new AAA game, which will be shown at the opening ceremony of Opening Night Live. The event is scheduled for August 19, but there is no details about the mysterious project.

It’s possible that the project is associated with Creative Assembly,which is also part of SEGA. It seems that now the team is engaged in a shooter with an emphasis on characters and microtransactions. At the same time, a studio representative said bluntly that the mysterious announcement from SEGA is not a Creative Assembly game. It is possible that the sequel to Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes will be shown on stage.

The opening show also plans to visit THQ Nordic,which will bring four new games to gamecom 2019 but will only show two on stage. In addition, Microsoft announced its plans for the exhibition, which will come with Gears of War 5, Minecraft Dungeons and other games.