Do you really need a case for AirPods Max?

The new AirPods Max earbuds hit the market with mixed opinions and reviews. One of the most controversial

features of the new Apple accessory isSmart Case Smart Case for AirPods Max. Many people wonder if it is worth putting the headphones in the Smart Case on a regular basis or there is no point in it? How quickly will they discharge without a case?

Humans have two main problems.First, the way the Smart Case looks and functions is not really a case, it is just a shell for the headphones that doesn't even provide enough protection. Secondly, there is another trick "AirPods Max never turn off."

Smart Case for AirPods Max

You see, AirPods Max doesn't have a switchon / off. To put them in a low power state, you really need to insert them into the aforementioned case. This creates some confusion: "Do I need to put the AirPods Max back in the case every time I take them off?"

Some people on the Internet insist thatAirPods Max run out of battery if left lying around without a case. Apple came out and said, "Don't worry, the AirPods Max will go into a power saving sleep mode instead."

And what is really true? Does AirPods Max drain battery if left outside of case?

One of the bloggers decided to check and this is what he wrote.

I specially went to check it on the pastweekend. The AirPods Max were left out of the case for two days, and I tried to understand exactly how the low power mode works. So, let's begin. After you take off your AirPods Max and put them on, your i-devices immediately recognize that you are no longer wearing them, so any sound will play through the speaker of a specific device (like a phone). After about 5 minutes, the AirPods Max goes into hibernation mode - I can't tell what that means as they still remain connected to the same phone, for example. And continue to transmit information such as the current battery level

When you pick up your AirPods Max to put it onthem, their tiny connection LED at the bottom blinks green to let you know they are 'awake'. So yes, they react to movement, but the movement has to be really conscious - they don't wake up in small swaying movements. They actually hung in my gaming chair for hours (don't judge me, okay?) And they didn't seem to wake up from all that chair rocking.

How do I know?Well, they stayed 100% from 19:00 to 01:00. So the next day I just left them lying around and going about their business. At 19:00 on the second day, the battery charge of AirPods Max dropped to 95%. This is 5% of the battery discharge after 24 hours of being outside the case.

With that said, let's get it straight ...Need a case for AirPods Max? Yes of course. But you don't have to worry about it all day. Feel free to use your AirPods Max throughout the day without worrying about draining your battery. Only when you are completely finished with them (for example, in the evening) can you put them in the briefcase and let them rest.

Here's the info from Apple's AirPods Max support page:

When you put AirPods Max in your smart case

  • They immediately go into a low power mode
  • They go into ultra-low power mode after 18 hours.

When you leave your AirPods Max outside

  • They go into hibernation mode after 5 minutes.
  • They go into ultra-low power mode after 72 hours.

In fact, there is not much difference, you put them incase or not. Over time, a low power mode is activated. You can leave the "case" at home and go to the office with headphones. You don't need to keep them in a case every time they're out of your head.

And yes, it's impossible to completely turn off AirPods Max.- at least in the usual way that we know and love. Essentially, AirPods Max "turns off" when they go into ultra-low power mode - it turns off Bluetooth and Find My.

Why doesn't the AirPods Max have a power button?Well ... this is Apple. If Apple manages to get rid of the power button on the device, it will. And I must say, it's always nice to be able to just slip on your AirPods Max and get audio from your device right away.