Does a person have the ability to regenerate

The hero of the series "Doctor Who" has the ability to fully regenerate. That is, every time he dies,

his cells are completely renewed and as a result a new personality is created. Does a person have something similar? By BBC Science Focus Magazine expert.

The ability to be reborn into another person whenregeneration is still somewhat fantastic, notes author Stephen Kelly. But the very principles of regeneration (that is, an increase in life expectancy, regrowth of limbs) is quite real and in the future can be realized for a person in life. In addition, there are already similar examples in the animal kingdom.

Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, molecular biologistfrom the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas, cites flatworm regeneration as an example. They can grow their body parts even if they are cut into pieces. Another example is the growing of antlers by deer, the restoration of the skin with a barbed mouse, etc. Scientists are still looking for answers to questions about why some animals are able to restore body parts, but humans are not, which leads to the development of this ability in an animal.

In fact, a person is also able to restoresome parts of your body. This is the liver, circulatory system. There are even known cases when the tips of severed fingers grew back in people. This means that once we possessed the ability to regenerate, but why it was lost is unknown.

Our "molecular toolkit" is practicallyidentical to the "instrumentation" of vertebrates, capable of restoring body parts. This means that it should be possible to create agents that stimulate tissues to regenerate on their own. According to Alvarado, we will see similar developments within the next 30-40 years.

Source: BBC Science Focus Magazine