Does bungie have a problem? Destiny 2 loses scriptwriter and raid designer

People leave Bungie again, and the team has lost two more developers who worked on Destiny 2.

Who left

First, Joe's designer left the studio.Blackburn, whom D2 fans remember for Leviathan, Star Spire and other raids. It may be dark times in the studio, but Joe speaks well of his former colleagues, and calls the best offer from another studio as the reason for leaving. In the comments, the developer wrote that he moved to Santa Monica, where Sony Santa Monica, Riot Games, Treyarch and Naughty Dog live.

Secondly, Jill Sharry left Bungie, whichshe was a narrative designer, and worked on Destiny with the addition of The Taken King. She also left the studio with a positive attitude, but did not say where she would go now.

Although the developers and left without scandals, butsuspicious that last month Bungie lost weapons specialist John Weisniewski and environmental designer Josh Hamrick. It is possible that the separation with Activision did have an impact on the studio, but so far Destiny 2 is alive, regularly updated and fans should not worry. Still, 800+ people work for Bungie, so the team of script writers and game designers does not end with two people.