Donald Trump criticized the design of the new iPhone 11. And Schwarzenegger likes

US President Donald Trump, like Elon Musk, is very fond of writing posts on Twitter. Only him, unlike the Mask,

no one forbids doing this, so you can even criticize the design of the iPhone.

What did not like

So, Trump wrote a post on his page (@realDonaldTrump) addressing Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Tim: the button on the iPhone was much better than swiping!” Trump wrote.

President means round physical buttonin old iPhone. True, he was a bit late: the company switched to “frameless” and abandoned the button in 2017, with the release of iPhone X. But Trump, apparently, had in mind the new models of the iPhone 11 family.

Well, now Apple will have to urgently release a smartphone with an old design - special for Donald. Although, according to rumors, this is exactly what the iPhone SE 2 will be.

Take an example from Arnie

But Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to like the design of the new iPhone 11 Pro. All thanks to the triple chamber, which resembles his flamethrower from the movie Commando with the young "Iron Arnie" in the title role.

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Schwarzenegger attends an exit eventa new film about Terminator in South Korea with the iPhone 11 Pro in the original case with the image of Arnie and the flamethrower. It turned out funny.

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